CHIHIRO INN - japanese style MINSHUKU with hot spring spa, fresh seafood and Echizen crab -


Mikuni is a fishing port town famous for its wide variety of seafood such as pink shrinps, abalones, sea urchins, turban shells, and ECHIZEN CRABS.
Therefore Chihiro is located located next to the sea and the Owner Osamu Masuda is an active fisherman and a very good cook too,so we will serve you various kinds of fish and delicious dishes in authentic Japanese style.



All six rooms are japanese style(five rooms have beds), and have spectacular ocean views.

We have three hot spring baths, which can be used privately. All of them are equipped with an open-air bath and an indoor bath.

Our bedding is usual bed style , or Japanese style futon on the tatami floor. As usual in minshukus, please set up your futon by yourself. If you are not familiar with handling the futon, feel free to ask.


Yukata(japanese bathrobe), towels, bathtowels, toothbrushes. Each rooms are fully equipped with air-conditioning and heating, refrigerator, washroom.



Chihiro is located in MIKUNI, northeast of the Fukui prefecture.
Japan's best popular sightseeing spot"TOJINBO" is near and conveniently accessible by bus or taxi.
There are more famous spots in Fukui, such as the traditional temple "Eiheiji" founded in 1244, "Ichijodani Asakura Clan Historic Ruins" where you can see the reconstructed street view of the SAMURAI period, and the "Fukui Dinosaur Museum" which id one of the biggest museums of its type in Japan.

The nearest stations are Echizen-Tetsudo line Mikuni-minato Station or Tojinbo Bus Stop. Pick-up service is available from these stations by our microbus. Please feel free to request it.


Room Rates;

Spring,Summer and Autumn

We offer two types of rates with Fresh Seasonal Seafood in Mikuni;
A. 12,000yen per person

B. 15,000yen per person


We offer five types of rates with menu of Echizen Crab,
25,000yen , 28,000yen , 32,000yen , 35,000yen or 40,000yen per person.

Each of them includes Daily Special Crab Menu, Fresh Crab Sashimi, Kora-Yaki, Fried Crab, Boiled Crab, Crab Shabu-Shabu and Crab Kamameshi, Crab Zosui.
Only difference among above five different rates is the size of the boiled crab.

Room rates include dinner and breakfast.
Tax and Service charge are not included.
Sorry - No credit cards accepted.

Check-in : 3:00 p.m.
Check-out : 10:00 a.m.


Tel : +81-776-82-6766
Fax : +81-7776-72-6773
Mail : info@392kani.com
Address : 4-4-48 Komegawaki Mikuni-cho Sakai-city Fukui Pref. JPN 913-0057

Availability of rooms is provided on Vacant Room Calendar(Japanese) page. Please check the page before booking.

If you do not receive the reply for your email, please resend your email or call us.